Synopsis and Covering Letter….

Aaaaaargh…….what can I say.  My manuscript is out there being read for feedback by a mixture of friends  drawn from the sixth degree of separation and trusted for their ability to be forthright.  Meantime I must allow it to rest and concentrate on the business of construction of the aforementioned, just in case my manuscript is almost ready.  Another task is to seek a blog focus, in the meantime my site is also resting.


Yesterday was a write-off…for reasons involving  final birthday dinners, Aperol cocktails, red wine and time enjoyed with friends! Yesterday’s word count – 0! Today I rise to get the regime underway.  NaNo is to help me stick with a full revision which involves the huge task of a tense change, the loss of one major narrator who is also a main character, and the addition of a little narrator’s thought intrusion. It may be a total failure but I want to try it.  Here goes.